The WAGM Challenge Team Profile: “W.A.G.M. ©”

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

Current City: Atlanta, Georgia



  • Long story short, I am a recovering fantasy sports addict. I used to be obsessed for free…now I’m obsessed with this website I have created for other sports + pop culture fanatics! This site is my creation, so I’m sure you can figure out the things I enjoy in life! Sex, Drugs, Hip Hop…does anything else matter? #Nerdswag

600full-hellraiser-screenshotFavorite Sports Teams:

  • NFL: Atlanta Falcons
  • MLB: Atlanta Braves
  • NBA: Atlanta Hawks
  • NCAA: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets & Auburn Tigers

Favorite Video Game: 

  • Fallout 3

Favorite Musician:

  • 2pac

20080905-nan-k03-117-leona-lewis-thumbFavorite Movie:

  • Hellraiser

Favorite Female Celebrity:

Leona Lewis

2013-2014 Sports Predictions:

  • NFL Champ: Atlanta Falcons
  • NBA Champ: Oklahoma City Thunder
  • MLB Champ: Atlanta Braves
  • NCAA Champ: Louisville Cardinals

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