The WAGM Challenge Team Profile: “Theodore Oswald Redd”

Hometown: Millbrook, Alabama

Current City: Nashville, Tennessee



  • Affectionately known by all of my adoring fans as Teddy Redd.  I make my home at the top.  I earn a living dominating.  I read leather bound books.  I was once a “mathlete”.  I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.  I piss excellence.  You’re welcome.

250px-Excitebike_coverFavorite Sports Teams.

  • NBA:  Orlando Magic
  • NFL:   Indianapolis Colts
  • MLB:  New York Yankees
  • College:  Auburn University Tigers

Favorite Video Game

  • Excite Bike

Favorite Musician

  • Tupac

Jennifer-Aniston125092_102Favorite Movie

  • Fight Club

Favorite Female Celebrity

  • Jennifer Anniston

2013-2014 Sports Predictions

  • NBA Champs:  Miami Heat
  • Super Bowl Champs: Seattle Seahawks
  • World Series Champs: LA Dodgers
  • College Football:  Alabama (as much as it pains me to say)



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