The WAGM Challenge Team Profile: “Narblescram”

Hometown: Pace, Florida

Current City: Winston-Salem, NC



  • With my natural ability of speed, powerful leg, and precise ball placement I first became interested in soccer at a young age. I played in recreation leagues for years and I decided I wanted a challenge and joined a traveling team in Pensacola Florida in 6th grade. The guys on the team were very talented and very smart.  I met some really cool people from this team and one of the teammates I got a long the best with was Graham Gano. I eventually left this team but Graham and I kept in touch along with a few others. I had developed an interest in football shortly after leaving traveling soccer all together. When I entered 9th grade, I decided to play football and use my skill sets to be the kicker. Come to find out, Graham had decided to play football as the kicker for his highschool that was rival to mine. After realizing that we had developed a strong but friendly rivalry amongst ourselves, we kept in touch and kept tabs on each others statistics. After our 10th grade season, we decided to attend the Auburn Kicking Academy in the summer and room together. Our last summer in highschool, just before our 12th grade season, we were both in prime condition with powerful legs and attended our last Auburn Kicking camp. The day before the last day of camp, we played the game of HORSE with about a dozen of other kickers from various highschools. HORSE in kicking is the same as it is in basketball. One person picks a spot on the field, and kicks a field goal. If he makes it, everyone else has to make it or else you gain the letter H. Once you gain all the letters to spell HORSE, you are out. Graham and I realized we had the two most powerful legs and camp and decided to back it up and kick 60 yard field goals. We eliminated everyone. Graham then backs up to 65 yards and drills it in, I come up short to lose. Graham then went on to kick a 65 yard game winning field goal his senior year, breaking the Florida highschool record for longest field goal in a game. Graham went on to play for FSU in college and won the Lou Groza award in 2008. Graham currently plays for the Carolina Panthers and we still keep in touch. I’m one of his biggest fans and try to catch him on Sundays as much as possible. Go Panthers!

Favorite Sports Teams:

  • NFL: Carolina Panthers
  • NBA: Orlando Magic
  • MLB: Atlanta Braves
  • College: Clemson Tigers

download (1)Favorite Video Game:

  • Metal Gear Solid franchise (All 4)

Favorite Band:

  • Sublime

Favorite Movie:

  • Fight Club

Kate-Beckinsale-kate-beckinsale-222740_1332_1650Favorite Female Celeb:

  • Kate Beckinsale

2013-2014 Sports Predictions:

  • NFL:Broncos
  • MLB: Rays
  • NBA: Heat
  • NCAA: Clemson

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