The WAGM Challenge Team Profile: “KDNDAHOUSE”

Hometown: Eufala, Alabama

Current City: Gardner, Kansas

Kansas City


  • A self-indulged; know it all, pompous prick.  Yes, I am the Cam Newton of Fantasy Sports.  Love it or Hate it, I reflect the truth.  My favorite celebrities are a reflection of self.  They are Kanye, Randy Moss, and the aforementioned Cam Newton.  But I do have a big heart.  I’ve once saved a baby from a burning house, beat a team on my own in flip cup, and kissed the ugly girl on my wingman night.  My only warning to you pertaining to me is, next time we have philanthropy planned, don’t try to wake me up because you may get see an elbow coming your way.

2013-2014 Sports Predictions:

  • NFL Champ: New England
  • MLB CHamp: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NCAA  Champ:  LSU
  • NBA: Miami Heat

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