The WAGM Challenge Team Profile: “Big Fat Daddy Di%#s”

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Current City: Auburn,AL


AP_CARDINALS_DODGERS_BASEBALL_56111311-1024x610Favorite Sports Teams:

  • MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NFL: Miami Dolphins,
  • NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
  • College: Auburn Tigers & USC Trojans

Favorite Video Game:

  • NCAA 14 (Lets jump on the sticks: XBOX 360 PhiPsiGuy145)

Favorite Musician(s):

  • Kanye West
  • Jay Z
  • The Weeknd
  • Drake

natalie-portman-351399-1280x800Favorite Movie:

  • Kill Bill

Favorite Female Celebrity:

  • Natalie Portman

2013-2014 Sports Predictions:

  • MLB Dodgers over Tigers in 6
  • NFL Seahawks over Bengals
  • NBA Thunder over Nets
  • NCAA Florida State over Ohio State
  • Bonus: Heisman Winner Jameis Winston (QB FSU)

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