How To Play (FAQs)

  • 10 General Managers compete in a year-long* competition
    • *Season Length: First Day of NCAA Football Season through the end of MLB Season 2014
    • Prizes:
      • 1st Place: $700
      • 2nd Place: $200
      • 3rd Place: $100
      • Competitions:
        • Sports
          • Fantasy Football (Head-to-Head)
          • Fantasy Basketball (Rotisserie)
          • Fantasy Baseball (Rotisserie)
          • March Madness Bracket Challenge
          • College Football Pick ‘Em (Regular Season)
  • Pop Culture
    • The “Hollywood” Challenge (Movies)
    • The Billboard Challenge (Music)
    • The Maxim Challenge (Celebrities)
    • What to Do on Draft Night?
      • When: 6:30 PM Eastern Time Monday September 2nd, 2013
      • Where: Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft App
      • How: The Season begins with The WAGM Opening Round. Draft with only ONE ROUND but there are no restrictions on sport. GMs may select from MLB, NBA, or NFL players. The player you select WILL NOT count against any Auction Draft budget.
        • After The WAGM Opening Round has concluded, GMs will then draft Three (3) “players” for EACH CHALLENGE over a Three (3) Round “Pop Culture”
        • Note: Each round, the GM will submit a pick for The “Hollywood”, Billboard, & Maxim Challenge (snake draft)
  • Once all of the above has been completed, The WAGM Challenge Fantasy Football Draft (auction) will begin
    • Future Draft Dates:
      • Fantasy Basketball: October 13th, 2013
      • Fantasy Baseball: March 9th, 2014
      • How Do I Know Who’s Winning:
        • Each Sunday/Monday, each player’s PROFILE PAGE will be updated with their current standings, to go along with their drafted “players” which will be displayed year round for fans & participants to see.
        • How Does Scoring Work:
        • FANTASY SPORTS W.A.G.M. points for each event will be awarded as such:
  1. 20pts
  2. 15pts
  3. 12pts
  4. 10pts
  5. 8pts
  6. 6pts
  7. 4pts
  8. 2pts
  9. 1pts
  10. 0pts
  • Pop Culture W.A.G.M Points are awarded ONLY TO THE TOP FIVE (5):
  1. 10pts
  2. 6pts
  3. 4pts
  4. 2pts
  5. 1pt
  • At season’s end, scores will be tallied together & a winner will be announce
  • Prizes will be distributed on the Friday following the completion of The WAGM Challenge; if the MLB Season ends on a Friday, prizes will be distributed the following Friday
  • What’s the deal with Pop Culture events? And how is it scored?
    • The “Hollywood” Challenge (Movies)
      • GMs will draft three (3) MOVIES and/or ACTORS
      • Movies/Actors will be scored based on their Total Box Office $ (Domestic)
      • For example, a GM could draft Ben Affleck, Chronicles of Riddick, and Helen Hunt….or they could draft all Actors or all Movies. It’s their choice as to who they think will rake in more Box Office $
      • Note: If you draft Actors, EVERY MOVIE they appear in after Labor Day 2013 will be scored until the WAGM season ends.
      • Note: a GM cannot draft both an Actor and their movie. Example, a person could not draft World War Z AND Brad Pitt. It’s just unfair!
      • Note: In the same vein, a GM cannot double or triple down on a movie and receive credit. You are allowed to draft multiple actors from the same movie, but you just can’t count box office revenue for both actors. Example, if you draft George Clooney & Matt Damon, you don’t get to count Ocean’s 11 twice. You get to count it ONCE for whomever is the MAIN STAR. If the roles are equally shared, the money goes to the older actor.
      • Note: ONLY actors/actresses count for this challenge. The actor MUST be a MAJOR or SUPPORTING character in the movie to be counted. That means no Directing or production credits count. Walk-ons or cameo appearances don’t count either.
  • The Billboard Challenge
    • GMs will draft three (3) musicians and/or bands
    • Musicians/Bands will be scored based on their Billboard Album sales (digital & compact disc sales combined)
    • Note: Only the artist’s commercially distributed albums will count. So no independent album/mixtape sales count towards this
  • The Maxim Challenge
    • GMs will draft three (3) female celebrities
    • Celebrities will be scored on their rankings in Maxim’s Hot 100 List (release Spring 2014)
    • Note: the scoring for this competition works like baseball ERA, the lower the number the better
    • For example, if a GM drafts Miley Cyrus (#1), Sandra Bullock (#77), and Selena Gomez (#3), their total score is 81
    • What Requirements Do GMs Have After Draft Day:
      • Pop Culture events will score themselves, so all you have to do is keep up with your selections, WAGM will handle the rest!
      • Fantasy Sports: Pay attention to your teams! This is a HARDCORE fantasy league, so other GMs will be quick on the waiver wires & accepting trades, so please remember all trades & waiver requests process in ONE DAY. So don’t get caught sleeping!
        • College Football Pick ‘Em: August – December
        • Fantasy Football Season: September – December
        • Fantasy Basketball Season: October – April
        • Fantasy Baseball Season: March – September 2014
        • March Madness Brackets: March 2014

Any more FAQs, please comment below!


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