How To Join

2013 is the first year of The WAGM Challenge. Therefore all participants will be by INVITATION ONLY.

Those of you whom are fortunate enough to be included in this year’s challenge will  need to complete the following by Deadline Day Friday August 23rd:

  1. Send an email to stating your intention to join. Include name, location (city, state) & your favorite sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB & College).
  2. Join PAYPAL! Send the $100 buy-in! This is the easiest, most reliable way to collect funds & redistribute them after the season. All you need is a bank account, debit, credit or prepaid card.
  3. Submit your 300-500 word “manly” story as described here :                                                                                    

    • Each TWC participant will be REQUIRED to provide a short story about a random event in their life
    • This story will appear on each competitor’s profile page
    • The story can be funny, sad, horrible, dramatic, scary, or any other adjective you can think of! The goal is to impress readers and CONVINCE THE AUDIENCE THAT YOU TELL THE BEST STORIES!
    • Stories should include any pictures, video, witness accounts or any other supporting evidence to validate your story.
    • Email all stories & pictures/videos to
  4. RESEARCH EVERYTHING! SPORTS…MOVIES…MUSIC…STUDY IT ALL!!! The competition will be stiff, so bring you ‘A’ game! (W.A.G.M.’s World will provide a Draft Kit shortly after Deadline Day)
  5. Most importantly… SIGN UP for the Yahoo Fantasy Football League! Sign Up for the Yahoo College Pick Em League! These are the first competitions, so you need to join asap! (Email Us for League ID & Password)

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