The W.A.G.M. Challenge

I’m sure you all are wondering as to what in the world The W.A.G.M. Challenge is!

The W.A.G.M. Challenge is a competition that will encompass ALL THINGS MEN LOVE!  Join Here!!!                 

Girls eating barbecue

A couple things men love…

Participants will compete against others in the realm of Sports, Movies, Music, Women and Pop Culture! So just because you are a huge sports fan does not guarantee you will be named “W.A.G.M. of the Year”.

The acronym W.A.G.M. stands for ‘What A Great Man’, so I might as well offer other men in the world a chance to compete for the title.

Competitors will face off in the following areas:


Fantasy Sports:

  • Fantasy Football (Head to Head)
  • Fantasy Basketball (Rotisserie)
  • Fantasy Baseball (Rotisserie)
  • March Madness Tournament Challenge 
  • College Football Pick ‘Em 

imagesMovies (Pop Culture):

  • Competitors will “draft” Three (3) films and/or actors 
  • W.A.G.M. points will be awarded based on each competitors final box office totals 

Music (Pop Culture):

    • Competitors will “draft” Three (3) recording artists (any genre)
    • W.A.G.M. points will be awarded based on total Billboard album sales


Girls (Pop Culture):

  • Competitors will “draft” Three (3) female celebrities
  • W.A.G.M. points will be awarded based on the Maxim Hot 100 Issue
  • Each female’s ranking # on the Maxim Hot 100 list will be added together and competitors will be ranked based on their total combined scores. (Lowest score will be ranked #1 and so on)

“Manly” Story: (non-competitive)

  • Each TWC participant will be REQUIRED to provide a short story about a random event in their life
  • This story will appear on each competitor’s profile page
  • The story can be funny, sad, horrible, dramatic, scary, or any other adjective you can think of! The goal is to impress readers and CONVINCE THE AUDIENCE THAT YOU TELL THE BEST STORIES!
  • Stories should include any pictures, video, witness accounts or any other supporting evidence to validate your story.
  • The story is just a way to humanize each competitor. No W.A.G.M. points will be awarded.


  • 10 members participate
  • $100 participation fee
  • All Fantasy Sports are powered by YAHOO Sports
  • Top 3 Places Win Prizes
  • W.A.G.M. Challenge season runs from start of College Football season through the Last Day of Baseball Season (all scores are tabulated  & winners are announced the following Friday)
There's rules to this sh%$!

There’s rules to this sh%$!

  • FANTASY SPORTS W.A.G.M. points for each event will be awarded as such:
  1. 20pts
  2. 15pts
  3. 12pts
  4. 10pts
  5. 8pts
  6. 6pts
  7. 4pts
  8. 2pts
  9. 1pts
  10. 0pts
  • Pop Culture (Music, Movies, Girls) W.A.G.M Points are awarded ONLY TO THE TOP FIVE (5):
  1. 10pts
  2. 6pts
  3. 4pts
  4. 2pts
  5. 1pt

Draft Rules:

  • The W.A.G.M. Season runs from College Football Season 2013 until the End of Baseball Season 2014
  • The W.A.G.M. Draft Opening Round – Labor Day Night
  • One Round 10-Pick Draft involving ALL MAJOR SPORTS PLAYERS i.e. Football, Basketball & Baseball
  • For example, a participant can draft Lebron James at #1 overall and the 2nd team can draft Adrian Peterson and 3rd could draft Miguel Cabrera. Each player will determine which sport & which player deserves their #1 pick
  • Draft order is determined randomly

Draft Dates:

  • WAGM Opening Round & Pop Culture Draft (Music, Movies, Girls) – Labor Day Night
  • FANTASY FOOTBALL – Labor Day Night
  • March Madness & College Football Pick ‘Em: All Entries must be finalized by start of each event

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! – Sincerely, W.A.G.M.


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