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Women Love Fantasy…Sports!!!

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Let’s play with FanDuel!!!!

Fantasy sports have become very popular around the world, and the numbers show that the popularity isn’t dying any time soon. It is without question a very male-driven part of the game, but most notably fantasy football and fantasy basketball is catching the attention of women. It is a fun, interactive and easy way to stay connected with the sport, and new ways to play are popping up all the time.

Sports have always had this reputation of being a male thing, but that perception is changing. The biggest leagues in North America are trying to change years of skewing everything to the male audience, but it does take time.

The NFL has received plenty of backlash in recent weeks due to violence involving players and females. Most notably, Ray Rice is indefinitely banned from the NFL after charged were filed and a video was released of him physically beating up his fiancé. They are trying to rebuild the image of the league, but it is a work in progress.

When it comes to women involvement in the NBA, the league has always been a little bit more progressive than most. The NBA is well connected with the WNBA, there have been female referees and there is now a female assistant coach (for the defending NBA champions). This might not directly effect every woman’s decision to get involved in fantasy basketball, but it certainly seems more welcoming than the NFL at this time.


“I’m so much better at fantasy sports than my boyfriend!”

With daily and year long fantasy options, there is a specific game for anyone to consider playing. Fantasy sports are so easy to play even for the busiest people out there. Even if a person does not have a specific group of friends to play with, they can still sign up for contests online in order to try and get more involved.


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