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“Hey Poker Player, What’s The Difference Between Me & You?”

For the longest time there has been a debate on what makes a good poker player. Some feel that luck is the equalizer and some feel that skill is the key. I happen to believe that it is the skill in utilizing luck that makes the difference.


The “Iceman”

The thing is, if you aren’t catching cards while someone else is, your session will be worthless. Everyone at the table catches cards at some point, but how we utilize this run makes the difference. For example, when you have your run and you’re winning big pots, hopefully your opponents will begin to take notice. This can set you up for opportunities to get paid later through bluffing, but it is all in how you set up.

Another angle on this, what’s the difference between the guy that gets maximum value on pot earning potential after flopping four of a kind and the guy that barely makes 10 bucks from the pot flopping the same hand…… SKILL!!!!! Yeah both flopped a really big LUCKY hand, but the guy that has skill can actual turn a really good profit from such good fortune.

One of the best players that I have ever seen play is a gentleman from Alabama named Skinny Chris. Now Chris isn’t a well known pro, but he has been successful for years in big games. So much so, that in the course of 9 months. He secured enough capital, THROUGH  POKER, that he was able to buy, remodel, and furnish the bar that he owns without having to get a loan. I have sat in on his sessions many a times and seen him win thousand dollar pots with things as simple as a pair of 2s. He is able to put himself in these positions because he is adept at utilizing his skill, table image, and sheer will to tell the right story based on the cards that are on the table and capitalizing on the psychology of his opponents. Skinny is just one of the many examples of how utilization of skill and luck makes for success.


Poker Great Phil Ivey

I am not trying to win the debate on whether or not poker is more skill or more luck. Just offering a different perspective for the argument. It’s a reason professional poker player is an actual profession that you can list. There are no pro blackjack players because casinos get raped by them, pro gin rummy players became extinct because the action wasn’t strong enough, and all the other games of chance don’t have pros because the swings are too massive. So if you say skill or luck…….. I say BOTH!

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