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Movie Review: Captain Phillips

It is not enough to simply say that this role was easily the most physically demanding and grueling role that Tom Hanks has encountered since Castaway, but I must stress how much of an injustice it would be if Mr. Hanks was not the favorite to capture his third Oscar because of his portrayal of Captain Phillips.

Director Paul Greengrass helmed this picture and captured the intensity of this horrific event with incredible detail and accuracy. I remember where I was when I first heard about this terrible situation and to see this story unfold in the news and on the big screen, for me personally, it gave new meaning to being on the edge of your seat.

This movie does not pull any punches when it comes to the feeling of reality of the situation it is reenacting, but it also does not sugarcoat the intensity of the standoff. One can only wonder how much physical training Mr. Hanks had to do to prepare for this role. As I was watching, it seemed evident that his performance called for a higher than normal amount of preparation. I also could see it in his eyes, wondering if Tom was feeling weak or sick during certain scenes due to the sweat and the pale color skin he had. Of course it is also possible that all of this is just makeup, designed to get someone to ask these very questions.

If you are a fan of heart-stopping, pulse-pounding action like I am and you enjoyed the Bourne movie franchise, then you mustn’t waste any more time and you absolutely need to make it a point to see this movie. You can thank me afterwards!

Have you seen Captain Phillips? Leave comments below!


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