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Now This Is The Christmas Spirit: Beyonce Gives Every Walmart Shopper Free Visa Cards!

This is the type of story that makes Middle America realize not all celebrities are egotistical Scrooges!

Watch the Beyonce Christmas Gift Video Below:

Beyonce, one of the most famous musicians on the planet has decided to go shopping in Walmart. Beyonce’s tour made a stop in the Boston, Massachusetts area when she decided to take to the intercom speaker and announce that every shopper in the store would receive a $50 Visa Gift Card from the celebrity. This is a gift from Beyonce, which I’m sure she hopes the customers use to purchase her new self titled album that dropped last week. Beyonce used a new marketing tactic which involves releasing her new music without the benefit of promotion or previous media acknowledgement. The album went on to sell over 1,000,000 million copies in six days. The lead single is a song called “Drunk In Love” featuring her famous husband Shawn Carter aka Jay Z.

New Beyonce Music Video: “Drunk In Love” Featuring Jay Z

Are you a Beyonce fan? Are you a Beyonce hater? Either way, leave comments below!


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