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Must See Video! Santa Claus Gets Drunk & Starts Fighting Other Santas!

What happens when you mix the joy of the holiday season with a couple beers, several shots, possibly drugs, and hipsters in Santa Claus costumes?

You get the following video of people dressed as good Old Saint Nick, throwing hay makers at each other! The events below took place at the 2013 SantaCon event in New York City.

It’s not sure what started this melee but one this is for sure, Santa Claus has a good set of “hands” on him. Which Santa Claus you ask? Well that’s the thing…there are about 10 “Santas” in this video, so I suggest pick a favorite and sit back and laugh!

Santa Claus Pub Crawl Brawl Video

If that’s not enough, check out the story about Santa receiving a hand job at the same SantaCon 2013 event

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