Must Have Video Games of 2013: “Watch Dogs” (PS4, XBOX One, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii u, PC)

I decided to start this series of top video games off with Watch Dogs. I thought about saving the best for last but I just could not wait to preview this game last. Are you a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fan that is tired of all the “copy-cat” games (Saints Row and Crackdown) that just do not deliver anything new or unique to the third-person action open world genre? Your frustration is about to be over this holiday with the release of Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs trailer:

The game is set in Chicago where everything and everyone is connected to a network of computer systems known as Central Operating System (ctOS). You play as Aiden, a former hacker/criminal, whose sins of the past have led to tragic events concerning his family. Feeling responsible for his family, he seeks revenge and decides to deliver justice at his own hands on his own terms.

Besides the next generation graphics and physics engine, this game delivers  a whole new element to the genre. Instead of primarily using guns to fight off enemies, Aiden’s primary weapon is a smartphone. He will use this device to hack into resident’s personal data to locate a specific target. He can turn off all the street lighting at night to enable him to be stealth and undetected by the enemy or to turn on road blocks during a high-speed car chase in the city. Players can even create multi-car pile ups by manipulating traffic lights with their finger tips.

If you are a hacker junkie, the online multiplayer for this game will be very pleasing. In multiplayer, you play as Aiden and your friends will enter your game and starting hacking at will. Aiden will then need to locate the hacker and eliminate them. Aiden may also enter and hack their game. The possibilities are endless!

Video of Watch Dogs actual gameplay:

Get ready for some next generation fun when Watch Dogs releases this holiday season. Rumor is there may also be a movie in the works! Stay tuned to W.A.G.M. for more Holiday Season Video Game Previews!

Watch Dogs releases November 19, 2013 on XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Wii U, & PC

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