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Outrage! Teacher Gets 30 Days In Jail After Raping 14 Year-Old Student Who Then Commits Suicide!

In 2013 it is not surprising to hear about a teacher and student having a relationship that goes beyond reading, writing, & arithmetic. Just because it is reality doesn’t mean it is justified but this is the world we live in. That is until the world you live in gets turned upside down and sexual predators are allowed to roam free. That is exactly what happened in the state of Montana.


Victim Cherice Moralez

Former High School teacher Stacey Rambold was found guilty on three counts of sexual assault against 14 year-old Cherice Moralez. Rambold was charged in 2008 but before the legal system could do it’s job, young Cherice took her own life. Cherice Moralez took her own life in 2010 while the criminal case was still pending. Reports are that her former teacher Rambold made her life hard after the accusations were made public.

If this story isn’t tragic enough, fast forward to August 26, 2013. Judge G. Todd Baugh offered the sexual offender a plea deal that would result in Rambold only spending 30 days in jail. The Judge was quoted as saying he felt the girl was “as much in control of the situation” as the disgraced teacher. Those comments and the subsequent one month sentence has caused outrage in Montana and much of America. As part of the plea deal, the county attorney agreed not to pursue more charges even if Stacey Rambold admitted to the rape.

Conditions of the plea deal are as follows:

  • Enter a sexual rehabilitation facility
  • Agree no to be alone with minors

Judge Baugh’s “wise words”….

That is it. That’s the only punishment Stacey Rambold received from the Montana state justice system. Even with those light conditions, Rambold still couldn’t keep his nose clean. Prosecutors soon discovered that Rambold was not attending his sexual offender treatments as required, so the State refiled charges. This is when Judge Baugh gets involved. Baugh is the presiding Judge during Rambold’s sentencing after failing to meet the original requirements.

Headline News on Montana Rape Case

In Judge Baugh’s ruling, he stated that Rambold’s failure to attend sexual offender therapy was the equivalent of a probation violation that didn’t justify spending an abnormal amount of time in prison. So he proceeded to give the Stacey Rambold only 30 days in jail.

Baugh’s character has come into question not only for his reduced sentence for a sex offender but the remarks he has made after the fact. The Judge is quoted as saying the victim appeared “older than her chronological age”. Due to the odd behavior and ruling of the Judge, has created a petition to have him removed from the Montana State Bar.

As usual with most American tragedies, the offending party (in this case the Judge) has issued an apology. He claims to have misspoke when he diminished the victim’s rape. He is quoted as saying “I don’t know what I was thinking or trying to say.” Baugh has spent the past couple days trying to apologize to anyone who will listen but the damage has already been done.

The victim’s mother speaks to CNN


Disgraced sex offender, former teacher Stacey Rambold

The Moralez Family received a $91,000 wrongful death settlement in 2012 but that doesn’t bring back their daughter. In a twist, Judge Baugh who originally gave the 30 day sentence to Stacey Rambold has tried to recant his original judgment. Baugh wanted to overturn his sentence and administer a sentence of atleast 2 years minimum but before he could, the higher courts cancelled the proceedings. They advised Baugh to submit a written sentence suggestion to avoid a media circus at court hearings. He submitted two suggestions; a two year sentence and his original 30 day stint.

Stacey Rambold is a confessed rapist and his victim has been dead for 3 years while he awaits his punishment. Unless the Montana courts decide to overturn his original 30 day sentence, Stacey Rambold will be a free man at the end of September…although h will still be on probation and register as a sex offender. That is just not acceptable and America should not stand for it!

I only bring stories to your attention so that we can ALL work together for a better tomorrow and a safer America! I believe this is a misrepresentation of the justice system and I hope it gets corrected soon.

Read more about this case below:

What are your thoughts on this case? Did the Judge get it right or wrong?


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