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Got Style? Meet Atlanta’s Hottest Fashion Blogger Lara Diamond!

For the past few years the explosion of social media has made blogging one of the most common ways people get their news, life updates and current events. Fashion blogging is something that has taken the apparel industry by storm- every brand, from small boutiques, e-commerce sites, mass retailers and luxury have all started to seek out and support bloggers and use them as ‘brand ambassadors’. Although fashion blogging is huge in California and New York, Atlanta was not as big when it came to street style fashions.

This is starting to change. There is an increasing number of Atlanta based fashion bloggers and one of our favorites at W.A.G.M. is Atlanta native Lara Diamond. With her eclectic yet feminine style, she uses the city as her greatest accessory and scopes out some of the best hidden jewels of Atlanta- like the graffiti walls in Midtown, or awesome parking decks with killer views of the ATL skyline.

She loves neon, leather and lace and doesn’t shy from mixing patterns and taking fashion risks. She also gives tips on how to achieve current fashion trends at an affordable price and breaks down runway looks.

Atlanta’s street fashion sense is a developing gem, and that’s why we are lovin’ on Lara Diamond. Visit her blog at Lara Diamond.

For contact information or style tips, go here!



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