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Video: This Is How You Escape From Jail! (Prisoner Is Still On The Loose)

Have you ever sat back and wondered how reliable jails are? Well how about jails specific to Arkansas?

Watch the video below as an Arkansas man decides to leave the Garland County Jail a tad bit early.

I must admit when I watched this hilarious video I actually felt bad for the correctional officer that ends up chasing the Barney-Fifeescaped convict…and then I read the description. Once I saw it took place in Arkansas I wasn’t surprised. For some reason I imagine Arkansas law enforcement looks like Barney Fife and bumble around like fools on a daily basis.

Whether it’s wrong or not, I tend to believe states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina are behind the curve when it comes to people skills, fashion, and technology. From my personal experiences in those states, I can say that SOME people are still bumbling idiots who live as if it’s still Jim Crow times but there are also annoying big mouth liberals, so it evens out like anywhere else in America. Luckily I’m from Georgia…the classy state in the South! #Sarcasm

How would you escape prison? Leave comments below


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