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SEC Previews 2013: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Missouri, & Kentucky

Ole Miss

ole_miss_1bcsLimited by a sub-par defense, Ole Miss presents a pesky team that anyone in the SEC should worry about.  Led by underrated Bo Wallace, and speedy back Jeff Scott the Rebels will be one of the best offenses in the SEC.  If 2013’s number 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche can make a ‘Clowney type’ of impact on the defense, this team can turn from an average SEC WEST team to an elite.   Ole Miss currently serves as a good team with 9 win potential but the arrow is definitely headed up.  A prediction of 8-4 seems like positive outcome for one of the up and coming teams of the very daunting SEC WEST.

Mississippi State

mississippi-state-cheerleaders-throwing-gang--L-_o7vF6Unfortunately for MSU, losing two second round picks doesn’t allow them to reload, it means their roster sports are replaced with 3 star players. On the positive, this team returns a senior QB with much experience in the SEC.  All of Miss State’s toss up games (Auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina) come on the road, meaning a 1-2 outcome would be successful.  A tough schedule and a young team means the Dawgs will be lucky to even go bowling.  State fans should start looking at the BBVA Bowl game in Birmingham as the most optimistic chance of post season.


Vandy_display_imageLet’s say this together, Vandy went 9-4 in 2012.  Say it again… “Vandy was 9-4” in 2012.   Now I hope the Commodores recognize its 2013.  Last season went as perfect as an SEC season could go for the ‘Dores.  Vandy does have one of the best players in the SEC with WR Jordan Mathews.  If Mathews can carry the offense, don’t be surprised if Vandy will be bowl eligible again.  Coach James Franklin is the rockstar of this program, and going bowling again will more than likely translate to another job for the highly touted coach.  Vanderbilt’s best case scenario is to dig out a niche much like Northwestern has in the Big Ten, but this is the SEC, so finishing in the bottom half of the conference is more realistic for the Dores.


mediaLets start with the positive;  Kentucky currently has the #7 recruiting class on and the #16 class on  Anyone that knows recruiting knows neither poll will last, but for Kentucky to be in the discussion knows this is uncharted waters for the Wildcats.  Now let’s face the facts, this is a team that will be last place in the SEC.  After an easy opening schedule, Kentucky will be lucky to win a game before November. This program really has a lot of positive momentum around them, but I think the season will ultimately be a buzz kill and 5 wins may be a reach.


Missouri-Tigers-2012-Football-570x379Could someone please inform Mizzou that this is the SEC not the Big 12.  As of August 2013, the Tigers have no 4 star or 5 star recruits in the 2014 class.  Any one that follows recruiting knows that recruiting is not an exact science, but we know that without 4 or 5 star recruits, you cannot survive in the SEC.  Missouri may have enough skill position players to go 7-5 in 2013.  The Tigers potentially have the best player in “DGB” aka Darnell Green-Beckham. However he is held back by a mediocre team according to SEC standards.  This team HAS to start 5-1 to go bowling and that start is very unlikely.  Last year seemed like more of a baptism to the SEC than a welcome for Missouri, and this year figures to be no different.

Full 2013 SEC Schedule


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