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SEC Football Preview 2013: Florida Gators


Go Gators!

Schedule Breakdown:  The Gators could get off to a 5-0 start considering the stiffest competition is a road game at a mediocre Miami-FL team.   In order for Florida to win at Death Valley against LSU, the offense will need to find an identity, which it lacked all of last year.  Following the LSU game, the Gators have to travel to two more SEC East teams, which both could become losses.  If Florida somehow escapes the Georgia game with a chance to win the East, they have to avoid a trap game against Vanderbilt before South Carolina.  The final game at home versus Florida State will be a tossup game and will determine if the Gators are playing pre- or post New Year’s Eve for their bowl game.


Quarterback Jeff Driskel

Quarterback Jeff Driskel

Summary:  The Gators only bright spot last year was Mike Gillislee. He is now playing in the NFL. To add insult to injury, Florida also lacks play-makers at wide receiver and are without the left side of their offensive line from last year’s team.  Can highly touted Junior quarterback Jeff Driskel turn the corner and become an upper echelon QB in the SEC?  The former #1 Pro-style ranked QB only had a 12-5 TD/INT ratio last year.  That ratio needs to drastically improve or the Gators may end in 2013 as one of the most disappointing teams in the nation, especially considering they are ranked pre-season top 10 in the AP poll.  Dominique Easley will need to lead a defense that lost some major play-makers at all levels of the defense.  Florida seems to possess a “next man up” mentality on defense, so a major drop off is unlikely.  Unless Coach Muschamp decides to open up the offense and allow Driskel to emerge as  a top level QB, Florida could slip up against inferior teams such as Vanderbilt, Tennessee, or Arkansas.  Given the talent on this team it’s hard to envision them in the top 3 of the SEC East. However, the questions on offense and personnel losses on defense, a battle with Missouri for 3rd place in the East seems more likely than vying for a spot in the SEC Championship game.

The "Sunshine" State

The “Sunshine” State

Locked In Wins:  Toledo, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Georgia Southern

Locked in Losses:  None

Toss Up Games:  Miami-FL, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State, Missouri

Worst Case: 7-5

Best Case: 10-2

Projection: 8-4

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