W.A.G.M.’s Predictions for the 2013 NFL Season

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons

Finally, the NFL Season kicks off into full gear! I know, I know….the season officially began Thursday night with the NBC Kickoff Game but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my NFL. For me, the 2013 season begins when my NFL Redzone Channel becomes active. All fantasy football drafts have been done by now. All channels should be turned away from Stephania Bell and her villain-like face!

No seriously, Stephania Bell looks like the antagonist from the Donald Sutherland movie “Don’t Look Now”!


Notice the resemblance to Stephania Bell?!

Football makes me happy!

As I sit and think about the joy of football season, it makes me smile. I am glad to have the memories of my favorite player, Michael Vick, running through the Vikings defenders on the way to a victory. I am happy to have witnessed Brett Favre throw for 399 yards & 4 TDs after his father died. I felt joy when Matt Ryan brought my team, the Atlanta Falcons, back against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2012 Divisional Round playoff game.

Michael Vick’s classic run past the Minnesota Vikings (2002)

Then after all of those good times, I begin to think about the bad. Michael Vick breaking his ankle in the preseason for the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s not even talk about the dog fighting, jail, and last season with Andy Reid. Brett Favre somehow made being a star quarterback creepy with his cellphone pic exchange with Jenn Sterger. And the one time I am rooting for Favre, he screws up against our rival New Orleans Saints! Then it comes to the meltdown of “Matty Ice” against San Francisco in the NFC Conference Championship. I could’ve pulled my hair out when we let the 49ers come back!

Brett Favre chokes against New Orleans Saints

Football makes me sad…

The dichotomy that is the NFL is what makes it the number one sport in America. You have the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the offense, the defense. Everything in football has a perfect symmetry to it. The functions of the front office compliment the studying put in by the coaching staff, which helps their ability to lead the physical specimens onto the field. Sports in general are a physical allegory for war. It’s always “us vs. them”. Scores could be viewed a attacks.Every game is a battle and the entire season is the war. The prize is the Lombardi Trophy, awarded out each year at The Super Bowl.

For the 12 months that a team is Super Bowl Champion, that city seems to breath a little easier during times of stress. That fan base can walk around with their head high and tell the world that “I am a champion”! The little kids at school get to feel a sense of camaraderie when their classmates are all wearing the same team colors as they are. There is NOTHING better than the NFL Season and I’m so glad it’s here…that is, until it makes me cry like Bobby Petrino getting chased off the road on a motorcycle!


W.A.G.M.’s 2013 NFL Predictions:


  • MVP: Ben Roethlisberger
  • Rookie of the Year (Offense): EJ Manuel
  • Rookie of the Year (Defense): Tyrann Mathieu


  • NFC East: Dallas Cowboys
  • NFC North: Green Bay Packers
  • NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
  • NFC: West: San Francisco 49ers
  • Wild Card: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Wild Card: New Orleans Saints

download (5)

  • AFC East: New England Patriots
  • AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
  • AFC West: Denver Broncos
  • Wild Card: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Wild Card: San Diego Chargers


NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons defeat San Francisco 49ers

AFC Championship: Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Denver Broncos

Super Bowl Prediction: Atlanta Falcons defeat Pittsburgh Steelers

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Don’t agree with my 2013 predictions? Leave your comments below!


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