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W.A.G.M.’s Top 10 Fantasy Football “Everything Else” 2013 (Tight End, Kicker, Defense)

I don’t believe there are such things as “Fantasy experts”. We all play fantasy sports year in and year out experiencing the highs and lows. Yet some talking heads on ESPN or Fox Sports will lead you to believe they have a special PhD in fantasy sports team management. Do what feels right and you can never go wrong!

WAGM Tip: Listen to the guys who win and win consistently in your leagues. They are usually the most knowledgeable GMs who know what they are doing.

There are a lot of names missing from my list that may appear on ESPN or Yahoo Sports. That is simply because I rank my players based on how I see their value & production using MY years of fantasy sports knowledge. The following rankings are MY OPINION and analysis. That is why I post my predictions. So at year’s end I can either be given credit or held accountable for my mistakes. I will gladly accept any boos & hisses thrown my way if I’m wrong, but you will soon learn how much I love being applauded when I am right!

For each analysis, I will spotlight the following:

  • BUST: A player that will tragically underperform their draft status
  • BOOM: A player that will amazingly outperform their draft status

WAGM’s Fantasy Football Top 10 “Everything Else”


   Bust: Randy Bullock (HOU)

10. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)

9. Justin Tucker (BAL)

8. Garrett Hartley (NO)

7. David Akers (DET)

6. Phil Dawson (SF)

5. Steven Gostkowski (NE)

4. Josh Brown (NYG)

3. Matt Bryant (ATL)

2. Blair Walsh (MIN)

                                        1. Matt Prater (DEN)                                                   


Team Defense:

BustCincinnati Bengals

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

9. Green Bay Packers

 8. Denver Broncos

 7. Baltimore Ravens

 6. BOOM! St. Louis Rams

5. Seattle Seahawks

4. Chicago Bears

3. Houston Texans

 2. New England Patriots

1. San Francisco 49ers

Top 10 Tight Ends of 2013

Bust: Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

10. Jermichael Finley (GB)

9. Jared Cook (STL)

8. Antonio Gates (SD)

7. Owen Daniels (HOU)

6. Jason Witten (DAL)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. BOOM! Greg Olsen (CAR): Cam Newton is learning how to use his security blanket and that’s exactly what Olsen is. Expect a Pro Bowl caliber season in 2013.

4. Rob Gronkowski (NE): His health is my main concern. May not play until mid-September drops his value but if he returns at full strength he will be a beast in a depleted receiving corps.

3. Tony Gonzalez (ATL): Matt Ryan loves to target Tony G. in the red zone. Since this will be Gonzalez’s final season (we think?) Mattie Ice will make sure to pad the future Hall of Famer’s stats.

2. Vernon Davis (SF): Coach Jim Harbaugh has had a full offseason with his toys named Kaepernick, Boldin, Gore, LaMichael, and now that Michael Crabtree is hurt…meet an uber-relevant Vernon Davis.

1. Jimmy Graham (NO): Hands down the top weapon at tight end in the game. It doesn’t hurt having Drew Brees as your quarterback either!


Here’s one tight end to leave out of 2013…and beyond!

Well that concludes my 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings! Stay tuned to WAGM’s World for more fun including The WAGM Challenge!

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