Must Have Video Games of 2013: “Warframe” (PS4, PC)

Alright all you tightwads, today is your day as I will be previewing a free-to-play PS4 launch title Warframe (also available on PC). Warframe is a cooperative third-person action game where you can join up with friends online for some player vs. environment fun or play solo. Not only is Warframe going to be equipped with the most impressive graphics of all free-to-play console games when it releases, but it will allow you to purchase an extra launch title from the money you save.

Warframe Playstation 4 launch video:

You play as an alien race known as Tenno, that have been awoken from cryostasis by the Lotus. An evil alien race known as the Grineer are, like every evil alien race in a movie or game, out to wage war against the entire solar system. The Lotus is there to teach you the skills of the warframes and the knowledge to unveil the secrets on how to master the powers of the warframes. The solar system is counting on you to save them from the destruction of the Grineer.

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In-game screen

The warframes in this game are the armor that your character wears. You will be able to choose which warframe you would like to wear as each suit of armor contains its own unique abilities. For example, the “Mag” warframe will enable the power to yield magnetic energy and the expertise of enemy manipulation where as the “Rhino” warframe is the heaviest and slowest but delivers the most damage while withstanding a lot of damage from its defensive powers. As masters of the warframes, the Tenno are also skilled in gun fights and melee combat. Similar to the warframe armor, there will be a variety of melee weapons and guns to choose from based on your style of play.


Tough lookin’ bunch



Dojos in this game are more than just a training facility for the player and the player’s clan members. Challenge your friends in your clan to 1v1 dueling to help improve your combat skills. The player will also be able to craft facilities that will upgrade your abilities. Picking up salvage throughout the game will enable you to craft more facilities and members of your clan will be able to combine their salvage with yours.

Join your friends online for co-op play by sliding into rooms guns blazing, strategically joining your warframe powers, and finishing off the enemy with a sword. Even if you do not like playing co-op, solo play is just as entertaining.The fast paced sword fighting and knee-sliding gun fights gives the player a space ninja feel that the video game world has been missing. After realizing how smooth yet fast paced this game is, you’ll be saying “How is this game free?!”.

Warframe Gameplay Video

Warframe released on PC March 25, 2013 & PS4 Fall 2013

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