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Throwback Song: “Square Dance” by Eminem (2002)

eminem-showRemember way back in 2002 when Eminem was all over the place. He would appear on TRL, he was on your movie screens in 8 Mile and his music was in your CD players. Wow, can’t believe I just referenced a CD player. Nevertheless Marshall Mathers is one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time and his album The Eminem Show as a huge success in the early 2000s. This song “Square Dance” could easily get lost among the more popular “Superman”, “Cleaning Out My Closet”, and “Without Me”. Yet I have always found “Square Dance” to be a bouncy track with heavy hitting political infused lyrics. Eminem takes shots at President Bush, The 1st Amendment, and terrorism. Many people overlook “Slim Shady’s” social commentary due to the cartoon-like production that accompanies many of his songs. This track “Square Dance” is an thumb to the face of mainstream America and he makes no apologies. The chorus’ use of “do-si-do” calls back to a time of a more conservative America and on this song Eminem makes sure that people realize those days are over!

Nothin‘ moves me more than a groove the soothes me…Nothin‘ soothes me more than a groove that boosts me…Nothin‘ boosts me more or suits me beautifully…There’s Nothin‘ you can do to me, Stab me, Shoot me

Listen to the 2002 Eminem track “Square Dance”:

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