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SEC Football Preview 2013: Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia boys

Georgia boys

Schedule Breakdown:  Don’t blink, because Game 1 of the season may be the best game of the year in college football.  The Georgia “Dawgs” have a clash with the Clemson Tigers in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic.  This game will feature four Heisman contenders with Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley, Tajh Boyd, and Sammie Watkins. If UGA wins this game, they quickly have to turn their attention to the South Carolina the following week.  Starting the year 2-0 may catapult Georgia to #1 in the polls setting up a clash between the hedges versus LSU.  At first glance the next 3 games look like snoozers. Later down the road UGA will face 4 straight SEC East opponents (Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, & Florida). That is the challenge that could prove to be too much for the Bulldogs.  Personally I like the talent for UGA this year, but their schedule has a pre-New Years Eve Bowl Game written all over it.  In my opinion college football is 75% talent and 25% schedule.  Unfortunately for Georgia, the schedule is tough straight out of the gate. 2013 could pose too much of a task for them to compete for a National Championship.


Heisman candidate Aaron Murray

Heisman candidate Aaron Murray


cheerleader Anna Watson and UGA dog

“Beauty & The Beast”

Summary:  Talent alone has this team geared up for a National Championship run.  UGA quite possibly has the most pro ready players on offense in college football.  Todd Gurley appears to be a better version of Trent Richardson with more speed and agility.  Georgia’s defense projects to start only one Senior in Garrison Smith. Considering the tough schedule, the missing leadership may be too much for the other first year starters.  Although the SEC is known for defense, a high powered offense seems to prevail quite frequently.  Georgia’s only shot at winning the National Championship is for their Senior quarterback Aaron Murray to play up to the level of a projected first round draft pick.  If Murray is a Heisman candidate late in the season, then expect UGA to be National Championship contenders.  UGA may be a sexy pick for many, but any reasonable fan will quickly realize that double digit wins may be a privilege, not a right, for the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2013.

bulldogs-georgia-girls-500-22Locked in wins: North Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Appalachian State, Auburn, Kentucky, Georgia Tech

Locked in losses: None

Toss Up Games: Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, LSU

Worst Case: 8-4

Best Case: 10-2

Projection: 9-3

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