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SEC Football Preview 2013: Texas A&M Aggies


“Johnny Football” is all the way turned up…maybe too much

Schedule Breakdown:  Much like Alabama, Texas A&M hides behind the prestige of playing an “SEC schedule”.   This schedule COULD include a two game suspension of Johnny Manziel. Considering the first two games are against Rice and something called Sam Houston St, it shouldn’t change the Aggies 2013 outcome.  If A&M shocks the world by defeating the two time defending National Champions Alabama, look for a similar roll that we have become accustomed to with the Pac 12’s Oregon Ducks. The A&M Aggies could defeat a contender early, and have everyone’s expectations high for the last remaining BIG GAME of the season, happening at LSU.  I understand the optimism of A&M fans planning a trip to Pasadena, California on January 6th for the National Championship Game but realistically anything more than the Cotton Bowl would be a plus.


play_g_12th-man01jr_576Summary: Kevin Sumlin quickly proved that given the right quarterback, any system can work in any conference.  Many questioned if a high tempo spread offense would succeed in the SEC, and by shattering Cam Newton’s in SEC history, the combination of Manziel and Sumlin proved the spread is not only here to stay but the way of the future.  However, when too much is given early, much is expected later…and this is where “Johnny Football” factors in.  I’m going to assume that he plays most of this season and base my projections off of that.  Am I the only one that looks at Manziel as that friend that brags so much that even his own friends want to see him fail?  This is the way I think Texas A&M’s season will go.  If everything goes well and A&M pulls a stunner week 3 vs Bama, Manziel will once again be the toast of the town. Texas A&M will be  favored in every game for the rest of the year.  However, if A&M falls against the Crimson Tide and follows that with a loss against either Arkansas, Ole Miss, or Auburn, then expect rumblings from the media that will question Manziel’s commitment.


If that’s an ‘Aggie’ then I want one!

Locked in wins: Rice, Sam Houston St., SMU, Arkansas, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Texas El-Paso, Miss State, Missouri

Locked in losses: None

Toss Up Games: Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU

Projection: 9-3

 Worst Case: 7-5

Best Case: 11-1

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