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SEC Football Preview 2013: LSU Tigers

LSU_Tigers4Schedule Breakdown:  Fans shouldn’t pay attention to LSU until the final weekend in September when they head to Athens, Georgia. This just may be the game of the year in college football.  If Georgia survives a tough opening game against Clemson, this will be a battle of two Top 3 ranked schools.  This schedule is what will separate LSU from Alabama in the SEC West.  There are two major trap games in the schedule.  They face Auburn the week before Georgia and they travel to Starkville before playing Florida.  Although LSU may be a top 5 talent team, this schedule figures to be very difficult. Expect the Tigers to escape with at least 2 losses.



“The Mad Hatter” Les Miles

Summary:  Fast Defense? check.  NFL talent quarterback? check.  Corn dog smell? check.  LSU has all the essential tools to win the SEC.  Inexperience (2 seniors projected as starters), and a schedule from hell figure to be the two reasons that would keep LSU from competing for a National Championship.  Although the Tigers’ offense returns early round talents Zach Mettenberger, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Laundry, Miles’s conservative nature figures to keep the offense from reaching it’s true potential. His conservative mindset often puts the Tigers in close games against inferior teams.  Expect LSU to have another double digit win season. That being said, fans will probably see them in the Chick Fila Bowl aka “Peach Bowl” for a second straight year.

images (5)

LSU might need a mid-season ‘push’

Locked in wins: TCU, UAB, Kent State, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Furman, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Florida

Locked in losses: None

Toss Up Games: Georgia, Alabama

Worst Case: 8-4

Best Case: 11-1

Projection: 10-2

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