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SEC Football Preview 2013: Arkansas Razorbacks

arkansas_razorbacks_by_devildog360-d52jpvwSchedule Breakdown: Don’t bash the 2013 Arkansas Razorbacks for having 3 “practice” games to start the year. Once you see what they have lined up after that, your taunting will turn to pity. Rutgers will be the preseason favorite to win the Big East, so that game will offer very stiff competition for the Hogs.  That is just when the fun begins for the Razorbacks.  Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama will be facing Arkansas back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Avoiding 4 straight losses would be looked upon as a successful stretch before facing Auburn.  The next 3 games against Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and LSU will make or break Arkansas’ season.  Winning 2 of 3 will be the difference in Arkansas vying for a bowl game or not.


Bobby Petrino is long gone...can Arkansas move forward?

Bobby Petrino is long gone…can Arkansas move forward?

Summary:  Arkansas is implementing a scheme that is essentially a 180 degrees from the previous regime.  Ex-Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema brings a run oriented, play-action offense to the Hogs.  Under Bielema in 2012-2013 the Badgers ran 68% of the time.  Arkansas has been running a pass happy spread offense since Bobby Petrino was hired in 2008.  Look for Arkansas’ offense to struggle in 2013 as they get acclimated to a new scheme.  The Hogs lost 12 players off of last year’s defense. The 2012 defense yielded 409 yards and 30.4 points per game. It would be a safe assumption that there won’t be much or any improvement. This looks to be a very difficult year for Arkansas fans. I hate to say it but you guys could realistically not see another win after the 3rd game against Southern Miss.

She's DEFINITELY not from Fayetteville!

She’s DEFINITELY not from Fayetteville!

Locked in wins: Louisiana, Samford, Southern Miss

Locked in losses: Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, LSU

Toss up games: Rutgers, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State

Worst case: 3-9

Best Case: 7-5

Projection: 4-8

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