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Why Do Guys Ignore Pretty Girls?

While out for a girlfriend’s birthday recently, one of her male friends asked me the following question:

“Are you more attracted to a guy if they ignore you?I had never really thought about it before, but I told him that I usually just move on if someone ignores me.


My response was puzzling to the rest of the group.  To my dismay, I was quickly informed that the rest of the women in the group prefer to be ignored in public by the men that they find attractive. I don’t have time for all of these games when it comes to dating…but apparently the rest of the female population does.

After discovering that I was alone in this preference, I began to think about all of the opportunities that men and women miss out on by playing these mind games. After all, how far does the “thrill of the chase” get us if we don’t even make it past the starting line with someone?  Of course flirting with a complete stranger can be difficult. There is a fine line between creepy/needy and smooth, but I’m attracted to men who are confident enough to initiate some kind of interaction.  In fact, even if they turn out to be the weirdo that you can’t shake off all night, I have to admire their confidence and enthusiasm.

ignoring-the-truthAfter doing a little research, I was shocked to find that there are thousands of advice columns teaching men to “ignore beautiful women and they will come after you!” While this certainly may be the case sometimes, my experiences tell otherwise.  I don’t know many women who, even if being deprived of attention, are willing to put themselves out there and go after a man.  Instead, we always end up moving on to the next part of the evening while looking back at the hot guy that we are too afraid to talk to.  Maybe we will make eye contact or even smile at each other, but rarely will introduce ourselves or exchange phone numbers.  Somewhere Cupid dies a little inside every time this dating injustice happens.

There’s no concrete answer to that question because women are diverse, ever-changing, and sometimes impossible to please. Maybe Cupid will have better aim if you keep the following things in mind:

  1. eye-contactThe first step to meeting anyone should be making eye contact.  If you are capable of reading people at all, the brief moment when you are looking at each other will be a perfect indicator of how she will treat you if you approach her.  Does she immediately break the connection and look or walk away?  That’s not a good sign, honey.  Does she hold your gaze for a hopeful heartbeat and smile?  That’s probably a good sign.  There can be a lot of ambiguity in her facial expression, but at least this is a start.

  2. Move-On-Know-when-to-QuitKnow when to give it up…Whether it is because of the unsuccessful eye contact, or maybe she gives you a verbal sign.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “How does this guy not GET IT already??! I’m NOT interested!!!”   If a girl says, “I’m going to find my friends now,” she is probably not interested.  Trust me, if she is interested, she’ll give you something to work with after that sentence!

  3. just-be-yourself-sourceJust be yourself.  Absolutely no pickup lines.  And don’t compliment her too much.  Although women love to hear how beautiful they are, saying “thank you” over and over gets a bit tiresome and doesn’t help her get to know you at all.

If you play your cards right, a woman’s “desire to be ignored” will fade and she will welcome your confidence and willingness to approach her.  Happy dating!


6 thoughts on “Why Do Guys Ignore Pretty Girls?

  1. So I think a guys strategy of ignoring a girl he likes reduces the risk of rejection on his part, if she still comes after you when you ignore her, you can probably take her home that night or whatever you intended to do with her. So it takes a lot of the work away for the guy and puts it on the woman.

    But, the problem with this strategy is that you probably reduce your sampling population to less emotionally secure girls.

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  5. Guys – you should never listen to articles like this that claim to tell what women prefer. Women don’t know what they want. The worst source of advice about what women want is other women.

  6. No. Guys usually ignore pretty girls because most of the time they’re narcissistic and selfish women! That’s my reason, as well as thousands of other guys!

    If women want to show a guy that they’re interested in him, they should start making the moves, too! Most of us guys are tired of being led on and being hurt in the end, which most girls do! Seriously, stop expecting guys to make ALL the moves! Start doing it yourself!

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