Film Preview: Spike Lee’s Remake of “Oldboy” November 7th

oldboy-posterDirector Spike Lee best known for movies like “Jungle Fever”, “Malcolm X”, and “Do The Right Thing” returns to the big screen in 2013 with a remake of the Korean revenge film. A man is kidnapped and held without reason for 20 years. That is until one day he is inexplicably released into the world. The movie follows this man’s journey for answers. This version will star Josh Brolin as the main character “Joe”. Brolin and Spike wanted this remake to be authentic so they even included the scene from the original where “Joe” eats a live octopus! Samuel L. Jackson plays the antagonist named “Cheney” and Elizabeth Olsen plays the lead female. It amazes me how the younger less famous Olsen sister is continuing to thrive in Hollywood while her sisters are the butt of jokes. Meh.

This trailer looks amazing. Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” showed the public that he can direct different genres and not just pro-Black films from the 1990s. Watch the trailer below and anticipate seeing this on the big screen November 7th!

Are you planning to see this in theaters? Leave comments


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