Keanu Reeve’s New Film “47 Ronin” Preview


Keanu Reeves is back in a leading role that sounds all too familiar. He will be called upon to become “The One”. What’s different this time is that he will portray a “half breed” Samurai who will lead a group of 47 others as they try to get revenge for the death of their master.

The plot sounds like every other big budget action or fantasy film where the protagonist overcomes immeasurable odds. One thing that will set this movie apart seems to be the special effects. It appears that “47 Ronin” may be the first film to depict an accurate representation of a dragon (as accurate as you can get to a fictional beast).There are a series of Dark Horse Comics that tell the story of “47 Ronin”. If you are more of a traditional novel guy, you can download the original book Tales of Old Japan, which the movie is based off of.

This trailer definitely peaks my interest but having to wait until Christmas will grow tiresome to fans who want to see the film. And who knows, this one may surprise us all with success. Hollywood hasn’t had a new fresh ‘hero’ film since “The Hunger Games”. What do you think? Blockbuster or bomb at the box office?


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