“Immortal” by Kid Cudi

“I’m living my life as if I got powers… and tonight I feel immortal!”

This track is off of Kid Cudi’s latest album “Indicud” and it stands out in a major way to me. The song is full of typical Kid Cudi melodic notes but where this track excels is the theme. Most of us in our youth yearn for a day where we can be a super hero and Cudi brings that notion to life in this song. I can’t help but think of the M. Knight Shyamalan film “Unbreakable” as I listen to this track.

KidCudi-Immortal2-650x650The lyrics tell a tale of someone down & out. The subject can’t even look himself in the mirror at one point. By the end of the first verse the protagonist has been given “special powers” which gives him the ability to find peace of mind. The second verse is an introspective look inside the new ‘superhero’ and how he deals with the new found advantages (or disadvantages).

This song is more poetry than music; the lyrics represent emotion instead of words. Music fans should give this track a listen, no matter what genre is your favorite. One day this song and ‘composer’ will be discussed in music appreciation classes #SomewhereInAmerica.


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