“Guilt Trip” by Kanye West

Just when the “Yeezus” album seems to drift into the dark reaches of Punk music, the rapper from ‘Chi-raq’ pulls his tumblr_moe9fjrCmT1qca44io1_500loyal fans back home with this opus. I don’t know what it is about the Kid Cudi chorus & the ‘screwed’ sample used throughout the track but it makes me instantly feel intoxicated. That’s how much passion and thought was put into this track by these two geniuses.

The thumping baseline is perfect for both the gyrating white girl dancing at your local college party and the soulful 40 year old Africana studies professor. That’s the beauty of “Guilt Trip”, the ability to perform at a high level for any occasion. This is the type of production that would easily bring a club to its knees. I can just see the sea of people waving their hands while barely holding their red eyes open reciting the song line by line.

If you loved me so much, then why’d you let me go?

This is my favorite track off of “Yeezus”. I beg the DJs to get this playing in every dance club around the country!


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